Light Orange Bean – Double Chocolate Teff Waffles

Joyce from Light Orange Bean is an inspiration to many. Not only is her photography absolutely stunning, but she's turned our brown teff flour into these drool worthy double chocolate teff waffles.



After a bit of tinkering around in the kitchen, I found that you can substitute about 10-15% of the weight of your flour with teff flour. That might sound a little confusing so we’ll start with [...]


Living Freely Gluten Free – Chocolate Teff Tea Cake

Jennifer from Living Freely Gluten Free developed this tea cake using our brown teff flour. I love any excuse to put the kettle on and pull out fancy English Tea Time from Harrods. Follow her on [...]


Banana Teff Scones

Confession time: when I was younger and spontaneously made chocolate chip cookies, I would pile all the dishes into the mixing bowl and “set it to soak” in the sink. How’s that for avoiding [...]

Deliberate Fare – Ivory Teff Blondies

I met Katherine, author of the adorable Deliberate Fare, just this past fall. We’ve quickly gone from strangers to obsessively liking each others Instagram pictures as soon as they’re [...]

Gluten Free Sugar Cookies

Teff is one of many gluten free flours that absorb a lot of moisture - a little bit of teff will soak in a lot of applesauce, banana, coconut oil, etc. Now that may seem fairly easy to understand [...]

Chocolate Coconut Biscotti

Tea time was and still is a sacred time in our household. Growing up with a Canadian mum, we were well trained in how to prepare and serve tea. A tea kettle is crucial (no microwaves!) and [...]


Gluten Free Teff Brownies

The first time I made these brownies, I was not in the mood to bake. The trial and error of testing teff recipes can feel more like an obligation than fun. But as soon as the heavenly, chocolatey [...]

Date Cookies

This week was an exciting, inspiring and exhausting week. Last weekend, after reading a couple of my favorite bloggers based in the UK, I was determined to throw myself into learning everything I [...]

Carrot Teffins

I used to habitually skip breakfast, especially in those college years, and opt for a coffee (and then a couple more) to tide me over until lunch. My excuses ranged from needing more sleep in the [...]

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