After a bit of tinkering around in the kitchen, I found that you can substitute about 10-15% of the weight of your flour with teff flour. That might sound a little confusing so we’ll start with [...]


Banana Teff Scones

Confession time: when I was younger and spontaneously made chocolate chip cookies, I would pile all the dishes into the mixing bowl and “set it to soak” in the sink. How’s that for avoiding [...]

Deliberate Fare – Ivory Teff Blondies

I met Katherine, author of the adorable Deliberate Fare, just this past fall. We’ve quickly gone from strangers to obsessively liking each others Instagram pictures as soon as they’re [...]

Gluten Free Sugar Cookies

Teff is one of many gluten free flours that absorb a lot of moisture - a little bit of teff will soak in a lot of applesauce, banana, coconut oil, etc. Now that may seem fairly easy to understand [...]

Chocolate Coconut Biscotti

Tea time was and still is a sacred time in our household. Growing up with a Canadian mum, we were well trained in how to prepare and serve tea. A tea kettle is crucial (no microwaves!) and [...]


Gluten Free Teff Brownies

The first time I made these brownies, I was not in the mood to bake. The trial and error of testing teff recipes can feel more like an obligation than fun. But as soon as the heavenly, chocolatey [...]

Date Cookies

This week was an exciting, inspiring and exhausting week. Last weekend, after reading a couple of my favorite bloggers based in the UK, I was determined to throw myself into learning everything I [...]