Tenera Grains grows two varieties of teff: brown teff (sometimes called red teff) and ivory teff. They have the same nutritional profile, but the taste varies ever so slightly. Brown teff creates a darker batter and has a deeper, nuttier flavor. Ivory teff is lighter in color and is a bit more delicate in taste which makes it ideal for sweeter baked goods.

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Teff is naturally non-gmo.

Our whole grain teff is ELISA tested to be gluten free; however, our teff is milled into flour in a facility that processes wheat and has trace amounts of gluten. Teff is naturally not genetically modified and there are no added preservatives. Because of this, we are able to use the harvested seed from the fall for the planting in the spring.

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Teff Flour – 2 Pounds

Our 2 pound bag of teff, the smallest we carry, is perfect for the experimenting cook. Available in Ivory or Brown.

Teff Flour – 5 Pounds

The 5 pound bag of teff flour is ideal for those familiar with teff and bake with it often. Available in Ivory or Brown.

25 Pound Teff Flour

If you are interested in purchasing a 25 pound bag of brown teff flour, please contact us at

ivory teff grain
Teff Grain

Ivory and Brown Teff Grain Coming Soon!

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